Tuesday 27 September 2016

Memory Quilt - Part 3

Last weekend I finished the piecing of my quilt. Also trimmed all threads, straightened the outer edges and added a stay-stitching around the entire edge of the quilt to keep the edges of the pieced border from pulling apart. My daughter wanted something fluffy and warm so I decided to use a comforter as a batting and omit the use of any backing since the comforter is finished already.

I have a very basic sewing machine and my quilt is very thick, so I was only able to machine quilt close to the edges, and with straight lines. Then added the binding and let my daughter to play with it. She was so happy :)

The quilting is not completely finished, but the quilt can be used. The horizontal lines seen in the photo below are coming from the original comforter.

To finish the quilting I will hand quilt some of her nicknames and lots of hearts to go with the patter of the fabrics. She has plenty of nicknames so this will take forever…

You can find the first part of this post here: Memory Quilt Part 1 and the second part here: Memory Quilt Part 2.


Tuesday 20 September 2016

Memory Quilt Part 2

This weekend I finalized the design of my quilt. I ended up having 12 large blocks arranged in 3 columns. Each block consists of 4 x 4 small squares — 12 small plain and 4 small "crazy" squares, or 1 large square and 12 small plain squares. Each small square measures approximately 4 x 4 inches.

Some of the "crazy" squares and my favourite one. Please, don't ask how I ended up piecing 13 tiny scraps for just one single square...

Some more pieces...

I finished all large blocks and started piecing them togehter.

You can find the first part of this post here: Memory Quilt Part 1


Tuesday 13 September 2016

Memory Quilt Part 1

I decided to create a memory quilt using some of my daughter's outgrown t-shirts. As you can see, she really loves pink. All shades of pink.

First I cut each shirt and then stabilized with clothing interfacing to stabilize the stretchy material and to keep its shape while cutting and sewing but maintain softness. Then I choose five larger special element measuring 20 by 20 cm and lots of smaller squares 10 by 10 cm. Also made a number of small squares from scraps to make a more complex desing.

Started sewing together the pieces, two blocks done, ten more to go...


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