Thursday 24 November 2016

Felt Bead Necklace

This time I would like to show you a necklace made from felt beads and organza. For this project you can use any kind of felt, even some small scraps. This is a very easy project, you can involve your kids, they will have lots of fun doing some colourfull necklaces.

To make a felt bead, begin by cutting out felt trapezes, mines are about 10 cm long, and 1 cm and 5 cm wides but you can use any size you like. Wrap the felt around a bamboo skewer and use some glue to keep it together.

If you made a few beads, you can thread them using an organza ribbon. You can also mix in some other beads to make the necklace more interesting.



  1. These are really pretty and a good contrast with the ribbon. I'm sure as a kid we used to make something similar with paper, I'm loving them made with felt.

  2. You come up with such clever ideas for jewelry! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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